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October 22 2012
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That proved one thing beyond doubt - without Regina or Emma I give barely half a fuck about this show. Don’t ever be stupid enough to leave out your three top-billed ladies again. I don’t want a huge ensemble cast like LOST where your main people get like a storyline and a half all season. NO.

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  2. eatprayvalkyrie said: gnashing and wailing because i missed them so bad why would they do this to me
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  4. the-silence-in-between said: THIS. Aside from Ruby/Belle friendship feels and Rumple asking Charming for dating advice, I was so bored and waiting for next week’s promo. Even Cora didn’t get to do anything awesome! I’m so bummed. :(
  5. monetfun said: I sat there watching the episode wondering why in the hell I was watching it. I spent most of it cringing over Rumbelle squickiness.
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