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March 07 2013
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Fandom and its general stupidity

I see the posts are already proliferating on the theme of OMG YOU GUYS! How DARE you question Adam or anyone connected to OUAT on Twitter? Some go beyond that into simpering uselessness like ‘you collect more flies with honey than vinegar' or 'guys, don’t get angry, it’s just a TV show’.

Well, as someone who received multiple replies from Adam today: suck it. I made an argument I felt passionately about in civil but emotive terms, and while he hasn’t changed his position, at least he’s hearing the very valid criticisms of the show first-hand. He’s hearing it from a few different people, and responding to it. That’s actually a really important step for people who are consistently misrepresented by a show they love, used to love, or want to love.

You know who he wasn’t replying to? The kiss-asses. The I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO, IGNORE THE HATERS brigade got no response, other than to other direct questions about the show. 

The smackdowns have already begun re: a bunch of straight white fans telling queer fans or fans who are also people of colour to not get angry, to mind their language and their tone, to basically make life easier for the rich dude with a global pulpit to share his views. I’m not going to add to that beyond: come over here and tell me not to explain my views. Come over here and tell me to shut up. You won’t like the response.

It’s not hate to criticise (constructively). It’s not hate to say ‘you hurt me when you do this’. It’s not hate to point out that entire sections of their fanbase and our society is being ignored by people who can literally make up the rules as they go along.

They are apparently able to write what they want (shut UP about ‘family show’, Lana has already rolled her eyes at that) and cast anyone they want, subject to availability. So they are responsible, and must face the consequences of the choices they make.

And if one more idiot tells people to ‘write their own show’ or ‘get into the industry and change it’ I will personally come to their house and slap them around the face with my copy of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2013. Do you know how hard that is? It’s pilot season right now - you ask any assistant in Hollywood how many talented people are still going to be out of work after months and millions of dollars spent on trying to create new shows. This in an industry where women, and then even more so POC and LGBTQ-identified people are massively, crushingly underrepresented. It is NOT that simple. And if some day one of my spec scripts or pilots ever makes it to something like production, I would like the industry to have changed enough to let me feel like I belonged in it, too. Not just a teensy minority amidst all the straight, white dudes.

Don’t try to police our oppression or our anger. It is righteous, and it is necessary. Instead you go count your blessings, and wonder at every day you wake up and don’t need to fight just to ensure your safety and basic human dignities. You have no idea how lucky you are. 

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